Monday, April 22, 2013

Updated Cakes! Finally!


Welcome Back!

I'd like to welcome back to the blogosphere...ME!  Yes, it's been a long while.  Almost two years!  Lots has happened in the last two years regarding me and my cakes!  I hope you find some of my updated pictures fun!  The above cake was made for a special little girl in Idaho Falls who was turning two! (Obviously) The giraffe, number 2, and the elephant were all hand sculpted from gumpaste.  The cakes are covered in fondant, and the inside of the bottom tier has a really cool leopard print design to match the outside!
I had SO much fun making this cake!  The client gave me the basic theme and let me run with it (which is always my favorite thing to do) and I totally RAN!  

I hope to have a basic pricing guide and some ordering information up soon!
I know it's Idaho, and I know we're used to getting cakes on the cheap from Walmart, but rest assured, I will do everything in my power to see to it that you get a delicious cake that is completely personalized to your needs and the needs of your event and is AFFORDABLE!

Here are a few other cakes from our time apart that I wanted to share with you!

The middle two cakes were for my son Ryne and my husband, who loves sushi! ;)
And you can't go wrong with trains and Ninja Turtles!  There were cupcakes to go with both of those cakes that were super cute, too!

Hope you enjoyed this quick update!  I hope to have a Facebook page up and running soon as well as keeping up with this blog!  Feel free to share my blog with friends and family that may be needing a cake in the future!

Sweet Dreams!

Angel Cakes Ali