Friday, January 28, 2011

Can You Guess What's Cookin'?

Ok, I have fallen way behind on posting pictures of my cakes on here.  I know.  It all stems from the fact that my laptop has a stupid hardware issue and I have to upload pictures to my netbook from my camera, from my netbook to my email, from my email to my laptop....etc...etc...AKA-I'm lazy.  Anyhoo, I am now posting a some pictures of a cake I made WAY BACK in October.  The first person to guess what the cake will be after it's decorated gets a 1/2 PRICE COUPON!  That's right, folks!  Get a $40 cake for only $20 with a signed cake contract!  Just leave a comment below and "like" this blog on Facebook!  
Good luck and Sweet Thoughts!
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Angel Cakes Ali


  1. PS-if you helped me with this cake, AKA, Jonny, you can't guess and spoil it for everyone else! I'll be posting hints on the blog until next Friday, so HURRY and POST your guesses!